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C.N Blue ~ (Y)

Gruop Members

Name: Jung YongHwa
Position: Guitar & Vocal
Blood type: A
Birthdate: 1989/06/22
Height & Weight: 180cm, 63kg
Hobby: Appreciating music
Specialty: Clarinet, Beatbox
Attraction: Side teeth
A Career: SBS Drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ as Kang Shinwoo

Name: Lee JongHyun
Position: Guitar & Vocal
Blood Type: O
Birthdate: 1990/05/15
Height Weight: 182cm 64kg
Hobby: Appreciating music, exercising
Specialty: Judo
Attraction: Chic smile

Name: Kang Min Hyuk
Position: Drummer
Blood Type: A
Birthdaet: 1991/06/28
Height Weight: 184cm 60kg
Hobby: Soccer, Basketball
Specialty: Flute
Attraction: Smiling eyes

Name: Lee Jeong Shin
Position: Bassist
Blood Type: A
Birthdate: 1991/09/15
Height Weight: 186cm 66kg
Hobby: Appreciating music
Specialty: Rap, Bass
Attraction: Eyes

New Boyband ~ B2ST

Ow yes they can dance.. woho .. omg updated 3 times tday .. Well gotta go for realz xDD

~ H i l a r i o u s ~ Warning for sensitiveness x))

Hahhah I swear this is hilarious !! I bet if guys are seeing this they'll probably think wth is this ?! GAYNESS FTW !
They do it for fun < there's something that is callin' 4 entertainment>
First video is of Brown Eyed Girls , :) Original video
And the second Video is some of 2am & 2pm's members that immitates the girls in a ofc dirty way . But that is hella fun ! xD

And they're not gay in Reality :p
Note Jokwon is soooooo FUNNY ! HAHAHAHHAHA
Chansung is still hot hahahhah xD
And Watch the whole video ! :DDD

C h o c o l a t e ♥

Hei people ^.^
I had physics test day .. Omg that was a horrible test .. don't even mention about it .. And I have this huge head ache >.<
It doesn't want to go away -.-  < Haha "go away"> . I just looked through my old photos of me ..
Damn , I was sort of a photo freak or something O.o Thinkin' about it , I haven't actually taken any photos lately .
< Well , duh i'm super busy>   I have tons of homeworks.. Gotta go ...
Chansung from 2pm is a hottie ! ;)

2pm <3

Yaaay iit's friday . Omg next week will be like hell .. So many homeworks T.T huhu ...
Well now i'll enjoy my time while i can . So people listen to this ^^ :D

Wah .. New song so rawr ;d

Helluw readers ;d

Damn , I rly want to dance again .. I mean it has been holiday u know .. So i would like to dance again <wiiiih'>
Tday I listened to this song ..  DAYUM , so freakin' good :D  so listen to this :

Well have to go .__. Test tmr ..

;________; Awuu

I lost my mobile for 2 days ago :(  I went to the optic to buy some new lenses and I guess my pocket was full and my mobile just dropped . I didn't notice . Jeez , I had 179 kr left and my memory card .....
T.T My pictures and my music omg .. >.< Well , some of you already know .
I've to use a xxx mobile , <Brick-phone> well , better than nothing . At least I can send mms and sms and anything like that . I'll survive ! I still got my BFF <Ipod&headphone> *knocking on the wood three times*
To cheer up myself I'll clean up the house ... again x) And after that study .  I swear I told myself to rly study during holiday . It ended as usual .___. nothing done ... yet ..
My first week at school will begin like this :
11/1 Monday : Follow schedule
T : Chemistry , read chapter 6 + tasks
W : Follow schedule
T: SV A - test at Aula
F: Follow schedule
Nice right?

See ya peeps ;*

and watch this (a)

Clean the house - Check ^^

Hi ^.^
Tänkte skriva på svenska idag (a) muahah .
Vaknade typ vid kl 2 idag O.o jag brukar nt sova så himla mycket xD
För gör jag det så får jag ont i huvudet . Gissa vad som hände -.-' Mitt vänstra öga svullnade till herre min gud .
Sitter här och kollar på film som heter "Cinderella man" . Koreansk drama . Fast videon till episod 9 är sönder T.T
Letat överallt fast hittar inte  .__.
Skolan börjar om exakt 1 vecka för mig . NEEEEEEEJEE :(( varföör?!?!
Väntar oxå på " Hi Sweetheart" som är en taiwanesisk drama ^.^
Wiih' rainie yang & show luo spelar i den så braaa ;D
Svar till de som undrar vart jag köpte mina linser . Hmm .. det är faktiskt så att jag beställer från olika ställen xD
Eller hemsidor då :p fast linserna kommer från sydkorea eller japan . Det finns 2 olika geo lenses som är från sydkorea och massa olika namn på lenses tex. barbie circle lens som är mycket populära i Japan :)
Ska käka lite smått&gott Wiiih' byebye ;*
Watch this babes ^^ kolla på båda ;DD

Degetoki ^.^ UPDATEEE WiiiiH '

Helluuuu readers ;D
Happy New year Everybody ^.^
I know it's a little bit late to tell this but anyways (a) Hehe , how have you guys been?
Awuu , i think that'll mix my blogging with swedish and english xD
Cuz i've notice a bit , well there are not so many readers anymore .___.'
Bella is alive :O so don't go anywhere right people (a)? <ofc>
I've been really lazy nowadays so yes i guess my updating is pretty bad and i'll try to update even more .
Even if I'm busy ^.^
School soon >.<' time is too short aiight? This holiday was not planned at all . I mean I was at my cousins place for like 1 week .  It was pretty fun x)
On Christmas eve I spend my day at my mom's friend's house . Jeez it was hilarous ^.^ Fun fun fun xDD And a lots of karaoke singing ppl ;d including ME ! ;D
I'll now introduce myself a bit ;p for ppl who doesnt know me that well xD or ye i'd this because i was restless O.o xD
Well my name is Isabella as you see (a) I'm currently 16 , I'm about to turn 17 soon <25 may>
I'm Vietnamese . 1/4 chinese but i guess that doesn't count but anyways i can just a litlle little tiny bit chinese xD
I'm a flummy & happy person . Oke u can add ; Korean freak  too , cuz i listen to too much kpop music and watch too much kdrama's ^^ That's not that bad aiight ;)
On my free time i'd like to  EAT (A) ,dance , sing , shopping, hang out with friends , manga , texting , taking pictures , listen to music , party, watching kdramas and tdramas .. etc.
I'm in first year in Nv-program *sobbing * I'm suffering T.T
And yes i have a little sister . Her name is Caroline xP and she got a blog to so check out ; .
I like tea bubble , not any tea bubble . Just Vn's tea bubble called " Trà trân châu" .
Dayuuum , I love it ! :D  well , you should try it ;))
Well that's for now ... I think . If you guys have anything to come with just feel free to ask me ? x)
See yah ;*

Random picture (a) ;D

That's not a random picture That's so trueeee ;D <3

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