Lupin <3


Amazing ~ (Y)

Mottoensaram ;)

Brr - ah :D

Heeey Hooowe chizzle from the nizzle ;D <great way to greet right?>

Well , my day was finee.. Hoho i came to school earlier than i thought :o My first lesson starts 8:05 AM and I was in school like 7:55 AM .. So proud of NOT being late haha ;D And after awhile I was like damn were are my classmates? :O So I called my friend and was like :
Me : - Where Are you? :O
D : - At  Home , why?
Me : - Omg , we have swe-lesson tday right??!
D : - Eh , no we got swe-lesson cancelled remember?
Me : - Oh my god , *ångest , okey when do we start the next lesson ?
D : - 9:30 AM
Me : - WHHUUUUT???!??? NOOOOO T.T *sobb
D : - HAHAHHA , now i'm going to eat my breakfast see ya
Me : - see ya later in school
Ye that was our conversation . So yes I had to wait 1 hour and 30 min . Greeeat :D (Y)
Can't wait for tomorrow , yay our class have to chose songs and make a choreography in diffrent group and diffrents style and stuff. So our group will have a hip hop / latino reggaeton dance style i guess . We haven't decided yet. But I think it's going to e fun .
Goodnight:ies Sweeties ;D TeHeee

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