Rainbow - A

Back to town ;)

Jag kom hem typ i tisdags och invigde min första och andra dag genom att komma försent. När jag landa så åkte jag till skolan på dirren men ja vad ska man göra. Men jag hann vara lite på malmö festivalen så det var lugnt :D
Hann också uppträda med gruppen i fredags. Det gick super faktiskt.
Wiiie känns skönt och vara hemmam igen men saknar Vietnam som fan :( äh jag får väl spara pengar och åka dit nästa sommar. Sommar 2010 absolut bästa sommaren hittils :D

Jag vet att jag suger på att updatera , orkar nt med det liksom. Yes, men nästa vecka på onsdagen den 1:a september så kommer vår klass ha inspark. Det betyder att alla ettor ska ha ett tema inom klassen och klä ut sig. Just nu ska jag nt avslöja men ni får se vad vi ska klä ut oss när det har varit då va.

Karaoke with my cousins :D

I spend my day today with my cousins. But first of all I would like to thank my auntie :D She bought me 3 pairs converse <3 today ,omg , I kinda died of happiness trust me.
Later on when I came home , me and my sis went directly to the karaoke bar . I was with my cousins and we were around 10 ppls together . Everyone sang exept my other cousin , he said that if he sang , ppl would come and ask him for his signature. Tss , talk about air condition haha . Well , after that we went and ate Lau de :D it was super tasty .
Anyhow , this summer was probably the best summer ever. I had so much fun here and I'll be back :P but i don't know when. Haha , aww I'll miss vn , my cousins,   the hot enviroment , the food , shopping etc.
I wish I could stay in vn longer :/
C ya :*


Mwhaha omg , i've been in Nha Trang . There's a place in Nha Trang called Vinapearl there Me , my sis and my cousin was riding a lot of heart attacking rollercoasters omg and water sliding thingy you know like a long rutschbana, it was so much fun .  We went later to Da Lat there the enviroment was so refreshing . It was not that hot , it was cooling :D which I like :D
I like being in Nha Trang the most , the beach was so beautiful and the I mean really beautiful ! The water was so clear and blue :D
Omg , and i took so many pictures hahahahah xDDD i'll upload them when I'm back in sweden. I'll be back 24th :)
I got my hair cutted today :D <haha that sounds so wrong still >
Izzy is tired , so c yaz :D :*

Shopping time :D

OMG I've been shopping my ass off today :D I got 2 tees , 1 shirt and 2 shorts :D I'm super happy mwahhaha .
It's already been 13 days since I came here , time passes quickly x)
I'm at my cousins house rigt now and i've been sleeping at her place for like 5 days now.
Wuhu ! I'll be heading to Nha Trang And Da Lat next week :D Omg, when I come back home to Sweden I'll start school immediatly T.T so tiring :o
School starts 23th august and I'll be home 24th august in the morning. So you can say that i'll miss 2 school days .
I hate to be the new kid in the class that's whhy i don't want to miss a thing.
See yaz :D

Which shoe is the finest?

Me and my 2 cousins :D


Yesterday I went to the cinema to watch Inception .
The movie was awesome though you had to think a lot to understand what the movie want to show us .
I want to see the step up 3D and I've seen the trailer before.
I went with my cousins and before that we went to a studio and we took a lot a of pictures , around 300 plus.
Me and my cousin

Me ;D

Me and my sis , tuyet kem Snow Ice Cream :D

Me and my cousin :D

Vung Tau

Today me , my sis and my cousin went to another beach :D there was really strong and nice waves and I had a lot of fun while jumping over the high waves keke . Omg btw, there was this man when I was in the middle of the jumping thingy , he was like " hey em , em co biet boi khong?" < Hey you , can you swim?> And I was like eh , swimming in another direction with my sis and cousin .

Afterwards we went to see some international combat sports (?) < kampsport>
It was awesome actually :P I saw boys and girls performance in different ages from 5 years and so on . Omg the littles ones was so cute. Why I went to see the international sports is because my auntie's man is a combat teacher x) they won 2nd place.

Well , I'm really tired right now so I'm going to sleep .

Good Night :)

Nails & Hair done - Feelin' great

I was at my other cousins place today and it was greaat :D I had fun and we went and play games at the Maximark (a) game nerds hehehhehe .
Later on me , my sis and my cousin went to a salon to wash the hair. Damn , it was sooo niiiice mwhahha :D
shampooing ,did a head massage, facial massage and got my nails done . :P

A lady and a man that works in the salon,  comment my hair and said that my hair was really thick . I've cut my hair thinner before < sounds so wrong but you know what I mean , fortunnat haret> , so after drying my hair , both of them started to straight my hair haha. I love my hair <3

I'm heading to Vung Tau tomorrow , i've kinda planned some things already but I don't know exactly when hehe .
We'll see.
Oh btw my cousin is really white I mean it's not twilight white , it's really smooth white . When I see her I want to become white too x) Hahah , but right now damn I'm suntanned as hell :o okey i'm like milkchocolatebrown .

Omg , I met my cousins baby tday . He's sooo cuteee . I wish I could show u xDDD But I can't upload any photos that's really sucks . But what can I do ? I forgot the cable thingy to the camera. >,<

I'm looking forward to go to shopping with my cousin :D

C ya , going o sleep :) /

Goodnight ^^

Me & my lil cousin in Disney Land :) this was when I went to usa 2007

Cousin & me again :)

Vietnamese Wedding

I came home from a wedding around 1 hour ago. I tell ya vietnamese wedding is the thing. It was my cousins friends wedding :P
It was so beautiful and their service is great. I mean i didn't even drank my coke up until a waitress came to fill my drink up. The food was great too , when I was done with eating they gave me something else to eat. Firstly it was a pastry with meat inside and second was soup and later on cà rì with bread afterwards it was Lẩu and fruits.  I was so full afterwards for eating so much :D

The decorations and the program for cutting cake and the opening for the wedding etc. it was beautifully made.
There was a MC too , haha she sang like 3 times on stage jeez. I wish I could show some pictures of the wedding but unfortunatly I didn't bring my camera with me. I'll take some photos on sunday cuz i'll be heading to another wedding . So stay tuned x)

There are so much to do here omg :D Haha , and btw i'm not using google translate cuz i'm lazy xD
that's why my sentences might sounds weird or something sometimes. :P

It's 11.23 pm right now and I'm going to sleep very soon . Tomorrow is a new day and I'm looking forward to it .

Ps. Wherever my sister and I goes there's always ppl who comment us really loudly like " they are not from here , look she's so tall !" I guess they reffering my sis hahah but I had high heels tday when I went to the wedding so I was tall like my sis.

According my cousin,  tall vietnamese in vn is very rare and the ppl really likes it. My cousin was like oh I like  forms and shapes to my sister,  you are not too skinny like the vietnamese models here they are like " y nhu mà c^ay " which means like a small stick :P

well that was pretty much it x)

Goodnight and c you soon :)

Finally in vn :)

Hi u guys :)

I'm in vn right now . I came yesterday around 11 pm . Jeez when me and my sis did the check in and later went out from the airport it was like a hot sauna.

Haha , the funny part was when we came out and everybody stared at us like they've never seen asians before and we didn't see our relatives :o
I was thinking holy buddha were are they? :O:O I started to panic a bit but then my sis recognize my aunt's voice somewhere near ,finally we found them x) they said that we'd grown up so fast so they didn't recognized us.

It's around 32 degrees here :o soo hot and those nasty mosquitos is bitin' me everywhere :(
Next week I'm going to Da Lat and Nha Trang. This week I'm just going to hanging out with my cousins in Sgn :D

Unfortunatly I can't be on the computer so often but I'll try to update anyways :)
Mwhahha , i'm gonna go shop mah ass off :D everything is so cheap. The food is deliscious :D

I'm going to eat right now :) see ya ;)

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