Gimme The Light (8)

Daauuumn ;)
Yupp , i know i'm bad at updating but ye that's life. I don't have so much time at the computer x)
Owh ye ,  I saw the "New moon" with my sis n' a friend on saturday . It was good , I mean damn that body jake had *drools ;o haha .
Anyway tday I had an assignment to do . I was kind a little nervous , I swear I wasn't that prepared to talk infront of my half class . The girls in my half group was good :o I talked Abt "vårdköer" for like 4 minutes and 15 seconds . I finally made it thank god !
Gonna jump to bed n' sleep . Good Night ;*
And Babes watch this ;

Tae Yang ~ Rawr

Wuzzuuup :D
Well it's like this . My internet has not been cutted yet so i guess I still have the internet :D Yaaay
Well , you know yesterday it was friday 13th .I was like oh no bad day and I warned my friends and stuff . Damn it when I went to school my english teacher didn't want to let me in her lesson . I was knocking on the door like 3 times. I mean I was late for about 3 minutes so big deal :'O
So i was like whatta witch -.-' but it was my fault too .
Anyhow when my teacher was about to open i wasn't there .. And my friends were like "hey isabella she opens the door now come ! " I was like don't want to go . And later I got my test . It didnt go well >.<
Today i went to mobilia with my sister. Bought some new earrings for my collection :D Me and my sis took the bus 7 to södervärn and then switch to bus 35 . I swear we were acting like psykopats . we're laughing our ass off . My sister was like owh i see some imports over there and she couldn't breathe . And then I was like iuw the man over there smoke's so awful . My sis was like that's a woman ! Me n' my sis was laughing like rolling all over the floor.
Our gayness ftw ! (y) haha next week on saturday  Me sis n' meimei will go n' see "New moon".
Mwah :*  Watch this hottie ~

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